Trading Analysis

Trading is not a guessing game. Rather, it is necessary to plan the completion of the work and work to plan.

Technical analysis VS. Fundamental analysis

Technical Analysis

A process of analyzing the historical prices of a specific security, in addition to analyzing statistics resulting from market activities, with the aim of making forecasts about the direction of prices in the future.


Fundamental Analysis

Determination of asset prices based on future revenues." This type of analysis mainly focuses on several factors, including macroeconomics, interest rates, production, returns, and management.

In a Simpler way :

Technical analysis relies on taking a look at the historical prices of assets to anticipate future prices. As for the fundamental analysis, price movements in the markets depend on macro and microeconomic factors, and this includes factors such as interest rates, wars, political tensions, stagnation, and the global economic recession.

In fact, The Fundamental analyst studies the causes of market movement, while the technical analyst studies the effect.

Many questions may come to mind

Which is better?

How do I perform the analysis?

Can the two bases be used together?

What should I do?

What is the difference between technical and fundamental analysis?

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