Depositing & Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals

Betal Trade offers many payment methods. By entering your client window you will be able to view the financial solutions to fund your trading account or to withdraw your profits. You can finance your account by direct payment according to his bank transfer, or deposit by the secure payment card system and many other secure payment methods.
We ask that you save your username and password so that you can enter your window and benefit from the available services.
Please note that financial laws prevent Betal Trade from payments made by a third party. Any funds received from third party accounts will be returned to the payer; This may cause delay in activating your account or delaying your account financing, or both.
The money is withdrawn and sent to the client in the same way that the client used to send the money to his trading account with Betal Trade
The client can withdraw funds from the trading account at any time
Withdrawal requests are not accepted if the account value is in the negative.

Customers can send a withdrawal request at any time around the clock.
At any time, you can contact our customer service staff to answer your questions and assistance
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If you need assistance with your order or have any questions, please contact customer service staff.

Direct communication:

Australia Office - Sydney

24 hours - from Sunday to Friday

+6 148 002 3467


America-New York office

24 hours - from Sunday to Friday

+1 903 374 0077


Iraq Office - Najaf

From 10 am - 7 pm       Iraqi time

+964 771 954 9584

We accept deposit by the following methods:

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